Oświetlenie LED pergoli lamelowej Win Climatic

Lighting in the garden makes a difference

Lighting in the garden is a key element that not only enhances its beauty after dark, but also ensures safety and functionality. Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or enjoy your garden after dark, the right lighting can make your space even more attractive and cozy.

An option for garden lighting are lights placed in strategic locations, such as areas around the terrace, garden alleys, flowerbeds or at the edges of the garden. This form of lighting adds elegance to the garden and creates a pleasant atmosphere, allowing the space to be enjoyed even after dark.

In addition, outdoor lanterns can be an interesting decorative and functional element. They can be placed along garden paths, at the entrance to the garden or at strategic points to highlight important places.

In addition, mini garden lights such as light balls, small spotlights or lanterns are also available. They can be placed on the terrace, next to plants or near the lounge area, creating subtle spot lighting and adding charm to the space.

Choosing the right lighting option depends on individual preferences, the style of the garden and the intended effect. A combination of different types of lighting can create a unique atmosphere and enhance the beauty of your garden, while providing essential illumination after dark.

Pergola lighting also plays an important role. The pergola is a popular architectural element that not only creates a cozy outdoor space, but can also be an excellent carrier for various types of lighting. Let’s take a look at some of Win Climatic’s pergola lighting options:

Lighting in the louvers
The louvered pergola is an excellent choice for those who want full control over the amount of light reaching the space under the pergola. The lighting built into the pergola’s slats can be controlled via remote control or a mobile app, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the light and create different moods as needed.

Lighting around the perimeter- integrated in the gutter
High-quality LED strips around the pergola are an excellent way to highlight the shape and structure of the pergola. It can be both subtle LED lighting of a single color, but there is the use of RGB colors. This gives the effect of soft illumination, which creates a pleasant environment and gives the pergola a unique look.

Spot lighting
Spot lighting is an excellent way to focus light on specific areas under the pergola, such as a table or lounge area.

Choosing the right lighting for your pergola depends mainly on your preferences and the style of your garden. Lighting embedded in the pergola’s slats provides a modern and minimalist effect, while lighting along the perimeter adds a romantic and atmospheric feel. Spot lighting allows you to focus light on specific areas, highlighting important elements under the pergola.

It is also important to keep in mind the energy efficiency and durability of lighting. By choosing LED lighting, you can save electricity and enjoy a long-lasting and environmentally friendly light source.

Pergola lighting is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in your garden and terrace. It not only enhances its charm, but also allows you to extend the time you spend outdoors. No matter which option you choose, pergola lighting will bring magic and romance.

Take a look at our wide range of lighting for pergolas, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your garden after dark. Choose the right option for you, customize it according to your preferences and create an unforgettable atmosphere in your garden with pergola lighting.


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