Pergola ogrodowa Win Climatic jako zadaszenie tarasu

Aluminum pergola, does it require a building permit?

Having a terrace in the garden is a dream for many people. It is a place where you can enjoy the fresh air, relax and spend time with loved ones. However, when you plan to expand your terrace with a pergola, the question often arises: does such a structure require a building permit?
We will take a closer look at terrace pergolas and explain whether they are covered by building permit regulations.


What is a terrace pergola?

Pergola is a modern and functional structure of small architecture, which is ideal both on the terrace and in the garden. It can be a wooden, steel or aluminum structure . It is designed to provide shade and protection from the sun and rain, while creating a pleasant outdoor space.

The Win Climatic Pergola additionally offers full automation via remote control or smartphone. More than a canopy, the Pergola is a smart solution that allows you to control the roof, lighting, shades or music from one place.

– With a remote control or smartphone, you can easily open or close the pergola’s roof, adjust the lighting to suit your mood, and turn on your favorite music.
– In addition, our pergolas can be equipped with covers i.e. Win Screen, Win Glass, Win Panels….

Does a terrace pergola require a building permit?  

A terrace pergola such as Win Climatic is designed as a lightweight structure that is not considered a permanent structure. The weight of a pergola can vary significantly depending on the materials used, nevertheless, an aluminum pergola, regardless of its weight, is classified as a piece of “small architecture.” This means that it does not require a building permit or notification.

Nor does this classification depend on how the pergola is installed. Even if it is a wall-mounted model and will be permanently fixed to the ground and facade, it still does not require a permit.

This is good news for anyone planning to expand their terrace. Not having a building permit means saving time, which can be spent enjoying the new element in your space.

At Sun Winner, we always take care of our customers and provide comprehensive support in the process of designing and building terrace pergolas. Our experienced experts will not only help you choose the right model of pergola, but also provide information on local regulations regarding construction permits. Cooperation with us guarantees you professional advice and safe implementation of your project.

Feel free to contact our team to learn more about our terrace pergolas and consult your needs. Enlarge your space without unnecessary paperwork and enjoy summer moments on your charming new terrace with a Sun Winner pergola!

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