How to shield the terrace from the sun?

Do your afternoons on the terrace often end with the unpleasant feeling of excessive sun exposure? Do you want to enjoy summer days on a shaded terrace, free from bothersome sunlight? We have the perfect answer to the question – how to shield the terrace from the sun?

Let’s discover what options Sun Winner products have to offer.

Louvered pergolas are an excellent way to regulate sunlight on the terrace. Adjustable louvers allow you to adjust the shading level according to your preferences. This allows you to easily adjust the angle of the louvers to provide protection from strong sunlight.

A complement to terrace roofing in the form of pergolas is screen blinds. WIN SCREEN is a modern solution that not only protects against the sun but also provides privacy and limits the heating of the space. Special fabric prevents UV rays from penetrating and excessive heating of the terrace. Screen blinds are durable, easy to operate, and available in various colors and patterns.


Another solution is fixed, sliding, or rotating panels. WIN PANELS is a modern shading product, providing an ideal solution dedicated to pergolas, terrace covers, and more. The panels offer additional protection against weather conditions, increase privacy, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space through their incredible design. The use of rotating louvers, adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees, provides an additional option for controlling the intensity of lighting.


The most striking addition is undoubtedly the glass system dedicated to pergolas and other patio coverings. WIN GLASS is an incredible blend of optimal visual and thermal comfort, along with protection against external conditions. Thanks to the use of 10mm tempered glass and unique solutions, the system ensures safe enjoyment of every patio space.

Regardless of the type of patio cover you choose, remember to opt for high-quality products. Sun Winner products are not only characterized by solid construction but also by aesthetic design that perfectly complements various terrace arrangements.

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